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Wellgate Community Farm exists as a focus for community, creating an opportunity for people to grow, make a positive contribution and promote social cohesion. Committed to providing a safe, inclusive place for individuals and groups to develop emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually within a working farm environment through participation in all aspects of farming life.

As a working farm, we sell our own vegetables, eggs, honey and meat. We promote compassionate farming and have embraced the RSPCA�s five freedoms within our own animal welfare policy.  

The importance of this work cannot be over-estimated.  How, for instance, can we expect people to make healthy choices about the food they eat when so many have little or no knowledge of how it is produced?  

HRH Prince of Wales
Regarding the work of the City Farms and Community Gardens.

So long, Dingle

The time has come for us to say goodbye to Dingle the Shetland pony, who passed away peacefully on Wednesday morning with staff and a vet at his side.

Dingle was one of the earliest residents of Wellgate Community Farm and even as staff members have come & gone, he has been a constant in farm life. Despite some long-term health issues, he had been taking his retirement in his stride to reach the ripe old age of 39, far beyond the usual life-expectancy for his breed and his success has been a testament to the love and care he's been given and has shown us all in return.

During his life he has met, and been loved by, tens of thousands of local residents. For many who are now grown-up, he will have been their first close-up encounter with a pony. On the farm, at schools, and public events he has been many children's first experience with a larger animal. At our events on the farm, many will have ridden him or been pulled in his cart. At farming shows over the years, he has done us proud by picking up many rosettes and prizes. He even used to get out on the streets pulling Santa's sleigh! Many others will have spent time grooming and generally becoming his friend as part of our Young Farmers and Hands-on schemes, or on our "Farmer For A Day" events.

A few years ago, we began holding "Dingle's Tea Party" at the farm to raise additional funds to cover his medical bills. Our next event is scheduled for May 11th and this event will go ahead in his memory. We invite everyone who has come to know him to come along to share your photos, stories and happy memories over some tea and cake.

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