Feed Our Lambs!

Wellgate Community Farm have adopted two extremely playful and cuddly Herdwick-cross lambs, they’re being bottle-fed and absolutely love people. Feeding lambs is a great experience, lambs don’t stay babies forever and we expect these sessions will sell out very quickly. Price £10 + booking fee. For more information or to book, visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/151954547141/

Booking Now Open

It has been over a year since we closed our gates to the public. Having had to tell everyone who has asked about us reopening to wait for an announcement – here is that announcement! Just like, for many of you, this last year has been one of huge challenges. We are extremely grateful to […]

Updates & Photos

While we are closed to the public our animals still have to be cared for and are getting to hang out in areas they wouldn’t normally be allowed. The staff and volunteers who are looking after the farm have been asked to take some video and photos to share with you. We post a little […]