Coming to Wellgate?

If you’re coming to Wellgate for the first time then we look forward to seeing you! Here’s a kids guide to getting ready to come to visit us.

Before you come

Farms can be muddy. It sounds silly to point it out, but sometimes people forget (especially grown-ups, so don’t forget to tell them!) The animals won’t tell anyone if you’re wearing a jumper with a hole in it, or if your old socks don’t match. We don’t want to ruin your favourite and best clothes – especially if you get cooking in our mud-kitchen (yes, we really have a mud-kitchen!)

Farms can be bumpy. Sturdy footwear like welly-boots are great, especially in winter or if we’ve had wet weather. We highly recommend splashing in puddles.

Check the weather. Our farm is mostly outdoors, so bring a coat and wear warm clothes when it’s chilly, lots of layers are better than one big coat.

Think about our animals. Talk to your grown-ups and friends about what you think you might see or do at the farm. What noises do you think our animals will make? How big are they? Can you practice stroking animals using a soft-toy at home?

While you’re here

Animals prefer people who use gentle voices, and gentle movements. They will run away if you make loud noises or sudden movements. Always walk on the farm – we don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Don’t go into the animal pens. Some animals may run away and get lost if you open the gate or door, and some that look cute & cuddly can bite. If an animal has managed to escape then just calmly take your grown-up to find a member of staff or a volunteer and they’ll put things right.

Stay to the side or in front of ponies. Ponies get scared very easily, always leave lots of space behind them as their very strong back legs can kick out a long way!

Wash your hands. Once you have been to visit our animals, always wash your hands with soap and water before you go home or you have anything to eat. Give them a really good scrub. Squirty-gels don’t get rid of all the bugs that could make you poorly.

Don’t let the animals see your food. If you bring a picnic or lunch, enjoy it in the picnic area or in the project room. Also, if you give them your food from home it can make them poorly – you can buy food for the animals next to our shop.


What-if’s are things that might happen, but probably won’t, it’s good to know what to do if you’re worried.

If you hear alarm bells – we’re probably testing them to make sure they work and to check that everyone knows what to do. Calmly take your grown-ups to the picnic area by the car park – everyone on the farm will be going there too and will show you the best way to go.

If you lose your grown-up – just go to where you last saw your grown-up or somewhere along the path and then stay there. We will bring your grown-ups to you.

If someone gets hurt – if you or someone with you is hurt then ask your grown-up to tell one of our staff or volunteers and they will help.

If you are worried about an animal or have a question – our staff and volunteers are friendly and helpful. We do check our animals regularly but if you think an animal is not ok then let us know straight away.