COVID-19 Status

This information was last updated on Saturday, 13th March, 2022

The safety and health of our community remains at the heart of Wellgate Community Farm’s COVID-19 response. We are committed to following all relevant legislation and regularly consult with a range of outside organisations to coordinate our response and share best practices. This includes published advice from the National Youth Agency, consultation with other London City Farms and Gardens members, and our board of trustees.

This is a brief overview of currently affected activities here at Wellgate Commmunity Farm. It will be updated as regulatory restrictions and the situation at the farm changes. If you have a specific question please contact us by email as we may not have staff available to cover the office phone.

All activities back to normal except Mobile Farm

Currently we are unable to offer our mobile farm as we cannot bring any birds due to movement restrictions from DEFRA in response to an ongoing H5N1 Avian Influenza outbreak.