Booking Now Open

It has been over a year since we closed our gates to the public. Having had to tell everyone who has asked about us reopening to wait for an announcement – here is that announcement!

Just like, for many of you, this last year has been one of huge challenges. We are extremely grateful to our volunteers, staff, and students who have all put in a huge amount of work to keep the farm up and running. We are also grateful to support from our funders great and small, those who have donated or bought something from our wishlist, and those who’ve just checked in to see how we’re doing.

Thank you all.

What’s changed?

The farm is a place of constant change. Some animals like Red the pony, Peppa the pig, and Jack Dexter the bull have moved on. While new animals like Paddy and Patricia, our highly excitable Kerryhill sheep, Candy and Tumble (two new ponies) have joined us! Just this week we have taken delivery of a flock of former caged-hens who will retire with us.

We’ve used the time to start work on a number of upgrades to the site, the bus which previously served as our office is now gone, we have cleared our old rabbit shed and apiary (bee viewing area) to make space for a new rabbit shed with better facilities. We’ve also built a new decking area by the ‘top field’ so the animals can no longer hide behind the buildings.

Are you reopening?!?!?!?

Yes, we are AND we’re pleased to announce that Wellgate Community Farm will continue to be free for the public to visit. To limit the number of visitors on site at one time we are introducing a booking system.

Each week we will release a limited number of tickets starting from a small number and gradually increasing. So if you miss out on tickets today, we have a waiting list and you can be notified when more are available!

Check out the link below to find out more about how visits to Wellgate are changing and to book.

We look forward to seeing you!