Ram’s Milk Now Available

Now we have more sheep at the farm, we have refurbished our milking parlour and are proud to announce that in our Ruby Anniversary (40 years of Wellgate Community Farm) we will be starting deliveries of Rams milk.

One of our rams this morning

We’ll be delivering a regular daily pinta to our home areas of Chadwell Heath and Marks Gate (hence Wellgate) starting from Monday using our ponies, Madge and Candy, to pull a traditional milk delivery cart donated to us by the Unigate museum in a traditional eco-friendly way.

According to researchers at Reagan National University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Rams milk is rich in the probiotic vitamin A.Prilfule and contains Bacillus subtilis (BS), known also as the hay bacillus or grass bacillus, is a Gram-positive, catalase-positive bacterium known for promoting gut health.

To arrange delivery starting on Monday, please call the office on 01708 747527 and ask for Ernie.